Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Power to Buruma Liberals? - Think Not

One of core self-belief of secular liberals is that they are sophisticated people. Even if their hypocrisy is oozing out from their own writing, speech, and action, they seems to be blind to why thinking people consider secular liberals as nothing but the self-serving people the liberals denounce others apparently are.

The newest syndicate column of Ian Buruma makes the hypocrisy of secular liberals incredibly self evident to those on the right. His conclusion following the analysis of why elites are under siege, while baffling, is laughable.

To take two of the trends identified by Buruma – small government Tea Party activists in US and anti-Islamist stand of Geert Wilders in Euroland. Apparently culture and race are important in US - that Tea Party activities are uncomfortable to Obama being a black man!! This is the sophistication of secular liberals! How exactly does Buruma explain Obama being the president of US then? Small detail! Of course, Buruma also appoints his own kind to provide unbiased analysis of issues ignoring the incredibly biased US media against the candidate opposing Obama. Apparently those on the right cannot “sift nonsense from truth, or demagoguery from rational political debate.”

Tea Party is so popular in US is precisely because people are able sift through liberal nonsense from truth and silly demagoguery of liberal socialists from rational political debate. During campaign, Obama posed as though he could speak no nonsense or pursue no demagoguery. That's precisely why he was elected – most, even the right, weren't bothered by his blackness or his apparent high-culture. It soon became apparent, after Obama became president, that he really is a run-of-the-mill secular liberal who won't think anything about making 16% of US economy, health care sector, a ward of the state or read rights to Islamic terrorist caught in the act of blowing an airplane full of ordinary people.

Geert Wilders sins are even more pedestrian. He stands against runaway secular liberalism that has taken over Europe – talk about liberals not having enough power or not using it!! Geert Wilders defends freedom taking for granted in Europe that are constantly under assault by Islamists from within and without Europe. When was the last time Ian Buruma took a stand against Islamists and defended the freedom the Europe accrued for centuries since west's apparent“enlightenment?” If Salman Rusdie, mostly because he himself came under Islamists threat, and, more importantly, Christopher Hitchens aren't in the forefront forcefully denouncing Islamists, secular liberals in Europe would have folded their tent decades ago. The degradation of secular liberals in Europe is such that apparent human rights group Amnesty International thinks a Talibanian is someone to coddled with!!

Ian Buruma nonsensical defense of secular liberalism would mean nothing to us if not for the fact the tribe of self-proclaimed secular liberals are growing in India too. The same corrupt media, with it extremely biased news coverage and opinion, available to the highest bidder, and the same elites, who speak and behave like the secular liberals of Euroland and US, with the same nonsensical social analysis along with similar policy prescriptions are becoming a norm in India too. Few decades ago, it was mostly communists who wore the patina of secular liberalism. Now it is the entrenching elites who are the secular liberalists. See the opinion makers of the new opinion pages on Yahoo – hand picked by liberals to provide secular liberalism to be consumed by unsuspecting Indians. Talk of secular liberals not having power or not using it!

One just has to look at the books that secular liberals like Ian Buruma write: “Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents”, to understand why the right knows secular liberalism is a basket case “ism” that is ill equipped and will not confront Islamists (or continued socialist tendencies of the left).

Let the popular Tea Parties, those opposed to Obama's intrusion of government into the last baston of capitalism, in US reign, and let there be several Geert Wilders, those opposed to absolute genuflection of Europeans to Islamists, in Europe appear, because we, in the right, can sift through secular liberal narrative – there are no useful kernels of grains left after sifting through the fluffy liberal narrative.

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  1. Brilliant CS. Good one! Sad that we in India do not have a tea party type of movement to rally against the socialists!