Monday, May 3, 2010

Making The Case for Vedic Harrappans

It's unfortunate how a name sticks. So is the name Harrappa - which was part of the original name, Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro, give to ruins that were known, but systemically studied by Imperial British and later Indian (and world) archeologists since 1920s. The extent of the ruins of that ancient civilization are vast, which while is now called Indus civilization, is really Saraswati Civilization because the ancients did not refer to Indus but to the now-dried up mighty Sarawati river.

The debate between pre-Islamic historians is whether the Saraswati civilization was different from our Vedic civilization or a whether the Saraswati civilization continuation of the Vedic civilization. Here Dr. N. S. Rajaram makes the case for Saraswati civilization being a continuation of our Vedic civilization. The speech was given at MIT in US to Samkruta Bharthi audience. While the videos on youtube themselves is of amateur quality, the talk gives an excellent overview of Dr. Rajaram's thesis.

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