Saturday, February 27, 2010

Those Law Suit Filing Hindu Fundamentalists - M. F. Husain

Times of India News Digest on front page first article on Friday had this recap of M. F. Husain's troubles in India when declaring that he became a Qatar citizen:
News of Husain's new nationality created ripples in the art world and triggered anger of the government's failure to bring home the artist who was forced to flee India in 2006 and flit between Dubai and Londan as criminal cases filed by fringe Hindu extremist groups alleging he had defiled deities by depicting them obscenely piled up in Indian courts. Last year, the Supreme Court clubbed all nine cases against Husain and transferred it to a Delhi magistrate's court in a bid to clear the mess. But no hearing was held and no clear order absolving him came. He felt he was still liable for arrest on Indian soil and never came back.

So let's get this straight, some Hindus filed court cases instead of murdering or beheading him as Islamic groups would do for apparent slander of Islam and these Hindus are "fundamentalists!" And the guy who fled the country after the cases were filed, instead of fighting for what he believes in, has artists around the "world" in anger. No wonder our judicial system is in shambles with all the lakhs of "fundamentalists" filing cases for criminal and civil dispute cases. In our opposite world, Indian secularists would say those Islamic groups that behead, instead of file court cases, are following the law.

Let us present the reason why thinking Hindus are offended by "great artist" M. F. Husain's painting of Hindu Gods. Has anyone noticed that none of Indian secularists and their media apologists ever tell us what the painting are about or perhaps publish them. While looking at the pictures (obtained from here) of Husain's painting, see the caption of first painting to see why Husain expresses his Hindu hatred in naked figures of Hindu Gods.

Einstein, Gandhi, Mao, and Hilter (Apparently Husain hates Hilter and paints him naked. Notice Das Kapital of Mao - no wonder left wingers love him so much)
Painting of Muslims - Women and Men

Husain's Mother

 Husain's Daugther

A Muslim woman

Fatima (Islam's founder Mohammad's daughter)

Teresa (although she's not known for playing with children, perhaps the naked brown boy means something)

Muslim Poets - Faiz and Galib

Paintings of Hindu Deities and Hindu men

Durga Devi (with, perhaps in bestial act, her loin, naked)

Parvati Devi (naked with Ganesha)

Lakshmi Devi (sitting on elephant naked)  

Saraswati Devi (with her Veena, naked in water holding a lotus, perhaps drowning)
Sita Devi, Ravana, and Hanuman (not only is Sita naked, she's sitting on Ravana's lap, with his penis hanging, when Hanuman arrives!)

Draupati (ugly and presumably getting stripped)

Warrior Muslim ready to slay a naked Hindu

Of course, the naked Bharatmata herself

This is also another case of fundamentalist equivalency. M. F. Husain, perhaps being a Muslim, and his liberal left wing artists elk think that Hindus outraged by Husain's salacious paintings depicting Hindu Gods, would behave exactly like Islamic fundamentalists, even if they had already filed "law suits" in court of law.

We are told M. F. Husain has accepted Qatar citizenship out of fear for his arrest in India. Perhaps now Husain will have the freedom to paint naked Qatari gods be appreciated by liberal Qatari people and the art world can celebrate the "art" of the great "artist."

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  1. Dulam you are indeed brave. It takes a lots of courage and hard work to rail against India's Pseudo-Secular Establishment which also enjoys worldwide support. Unfortunately, The non-hindus do not understand that it's not the nakedness but the significance of it which bothers a normal Hindu.
    Context sensitive analogy like 'Sitadevi in lap of Ravan' is like 'Virgin Mary in lap of Devil' would help. Another analogy would be 'Son of God in a Sexually Compromised Position with The God, and sexual arousal leaves little for imagination'
    would be appropriate for another Hussain picture of 'Son of Wind God (Hanuman), a self imposed celibate, in a sexually compromised position with his Mother Goddess Sitadevi who is a symbol of chastity'.